Thursday, February 23, 2017

Too much to update

So, come to find out, the Blogger app I had been using is no longer available on the iPhone and that's why it kept crashing when I would try to update. As a result, it's been months! No promises on when pics will be uploaded (because I know that's the most fun!), but for now, here's an update.

What a few months it has been... the last update mentioned continued struggle with seizures and a new treatment for her recurring UTIs. Shortly after that update, we had a major discovery. We found out our home was affected by MOLD. We immediately got Waverly out of the house, as we suspected it was a big culprit in making her seizures so hard to control. Unfortunately, within a couple days, she ended up in the hospital from status epileptus (seizures that won't stop). She was in the hospital for several days as a result. When she was released, we remained out of our house, as we then had to pursue mold remediation. We ended up being out of our home for 6 weeks, over Christmas, while the mold was being removed and our home made safe. We now have a $20,000 bill to pay for the work, and our home still needs more work/repairs as a result.

It's been hard. So hard. The house we bought pretty much FOR our child with special needs ended up being very unsafe for her (and all of us). Thankfully, everyone else had been mostly ok.  I seem to be the one who was most affected with my health by terrible migraines and neurological symptoms. (I had an MRI in November to check for brain tumor and MS because of my symptoms. Yikes! Thankfully, that was clear, and once we discovered the mold, assume that my issues were caused by that.)

Waverly still has continued to struggle with seizures and other issues. She ended up very anemic a couple of weeks ago and had to be hospitalized for a blood transfusion. An iron supplement lead to major crying and discomfort for days on end. We are still trying to figure out how to best help her.

And most recently, we had our well pump go out and then discovered there's a leak in the piping and therefore need to run all new pipes from the well to thour house.

And these are just the highlights of the trials we've had the past few months.

Y'all, it's been tough. So tough. But God is good. So good. We have a sweet friend who set up a Go Fund Me page for us. Because, aa much as we resisted, we realized people truly wanted to help us, and we realized we just can't do this all on our own. Feel free to share with others. We are praying. We are trusting. We are hopeful for the future. But we are weary. And ready for a little break. We know our blessings flow, more than we could ever deserve.

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