Sunday, May 8, 2016


What a special day today is! Our sweet girl is FIVE!! Today is also Mother's Day, which it was also Mother's Day the year she was born as well! We are so so thankful for our sweet Waverly, and to be able to celebrate her birthday once again with her! This past year has been so enjoyable with her. She has really grown and seems more like a "kid" in many ways than a "baby". (Although she will always be my baby!) 

Some highlights of this past year include school once a week at our house, therapies at home as well, going on vacation as a whole family to Great Wokf Lodge, and of course nightly snuggles. She's remained pretty healthy, and has avoided the hospital pretty well. She got her gtube replaced with a GJ tube, got a new wheelchair, and can stay on her stander for up to an hour! One big accomplishment this year was receiving the title of Little Miss Wheelchair Virginia! She was so excited and proud of herself! 

Some of her favorite things are still trees, wind blowing, music, squeaky noises, silverware clanging, and of course her family. 

Health-wise, she's had a fairly good year. Her biggest struggles have been UTIs which we are still trying to figure out. She's also still struggling with seizures. 

We are starting to realize we need a wheelchair van for her soon. Her new wheelchair is too heavy for me to lift into our van by myself, and we need a safer way to transport it too (with official tie downs). So we are hoping to work on getting one for her soon (if you know of any resources, please let us know!). 

Once again, thank you to all of you who faithfully pray for our girl, and support our family. We couldn't do this without you! 

Making her "silly face". 

Bedtime prayers with daddy.