Monday, May 8, 2017

Happy Birthday Waverly!

Waverly is SIX years old today! We are so so thankful for our sweet girl, and SO SO thankful for our good Father, Who has blessed us with six years with her! We had a small family celebration this year, as opposed to some of the larger parties we've had in the past. We enjoyed the low-key time celebrating her. However, we DO have a big birthday SURPRISE to share! 

As you may imagine, Waverly is hard to buy gifts for. She doesn't need much in the way of toys or clothes. And the things she does need tend to be rather, well, large and costly. For some time now, we've needed a wheelchair van for her. But, as many of you know with the recent mold remediation and issues we had come up, we've been set back from being able to pursue that. So, a few friends encouraged us to consider a tshirt campaign to help raise some funds for that. We are SO excited to be launching it TODAY, on her BIRTHDAY! Here is the link:
Please, do not feel obligated at all to buy. It's just a fun way we thought to help raise some funds for a van for her, as well as to show our love for her AND to share her story (HIS story) with others! We are also super excited to pass on the blessing, as we will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Addy Grace Foundation as they raise money for an all-abilities playground here locally. We can't think of a better thing to help support, as it would be a dream to be able to see Waverly playing alongside her siblings on a playground! So, click on the link to see the various shirt options available!
And, at the expense of being long-winded, let me explain the shirt design. I was stumped at what to put on her shirt. In fact, as of yesterday afternoon, I had all but decided to just scrap the idea all together. But then, as we were getting her ready for bed, I saw her little wooden plaque with this verse on it. And it hit me: THIS is it. This communicates God's work in her life, the HOPE that we have that she WILL be healed and whole one sweet day in the presence of Jesus. So, we will wear these shirts to tell others of our sweet girl and of the promise we have in Him. <3 Thank you for loving on our sweet girl today as we celebrate the MIRACLE that turning 6 is!